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Get to Know Walnut Capital!

Tell us a little about your business...

For the last 25 years, Walnut Capital has been known as the fastest growing real estate development, residential, and commercial property management companies in Pittsburgh. We have an apartment or townhouse for every type of person. The young professional that wants to be close to work. The couple with a growing family and a dog. The eager student that just learned how to do their laundry. Empty nesters transitioning to a smaller space. And even the recent graduate attempting to adult in their first apartment. No matter who you are and what phase of life you're in, you're sure to find your perfect fit with Walnut Capital.

What makes your business unique?

Living with Walnut Capital is much more than just a new address. Well, it's that too. But it's about the experience more than anything else. Customer service is the name of the game. We know that, and we take it seriously. Not only is our staff trained to be experience makers, we have loads of extra benefits and programs to make your life living with us that much better than the place down the block. Employees Who Care Walnut Perks Program Partnered Employer Program Resident Referral Program Pet Friendly Community Ambassador Program We are also committed to our community and are always looking for ways that we can support Pittsburgh and make it a better place. We do this through our Grow with Walnut Capital program driving initiatives like providing funds for college scholarships, partnering local organizations, and funding public art.

Who is your ideal client?

We don’t have one ideal client. Our properties are fit for young professionals who just moved to the city, newlyweds, families growing in size, and students who are trying to figure out the adult-world.

How can people learn more about your business?

You can learn more about our business and what we do on our website or our social media (Instagram and Facebook) where we showcase our community, residents, employees, and all things Walnut Capital.

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