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Get to Know Henne Jewelers!

Tell us a little about your business...

Henne Jewelers began as a vision, dreamt and made a reality by Rudolph J. Henne. He and his wife, Margaret, made a $5 down payment on a building located at 6018 Centre Ave. in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh. And so began Henne Jewelers’ rich history of quality jewelry, customer experience, and service to the community.

Henne began selling and repairing watches for the railroad industry – a critical part of the pre-Industrial Revolution American economy. Henne Jewelers also served as an optician, which was common practice at the time. The business has evolved and grown over the past 130 years. Henne Jewelers survived two World Wars and the Great Depression, the rise and fall of the Steel Industry in Pittsburgh, and the region’s revival as an emerging tech hub thanks to more than a dozen colleges, universities and nationally-ranked healthcare systems. Today Henne Jewelers is operated by fourth-generation owner John Henne. The things that haven’t changed, however, are the timeless values of honesty, integrity, philanthropy, and customer service. These are the heart and soul of Henne Jewelers.

What makes your business unique?

At Henne Jewelers, we can create whatever your heart desires, from updating an old-fashioned family heirloom to designing a one-of-a-kind piece. Henne is blessed to have incredible jewelers and designers who create one-of-a-kind jewelry that you won't find anywhere else, from engagement rings to necklaces, bracelets and more. One of our in-house designers is Nina - Nina Pugliese has been part of the Henne family for nearly 40 years, traveling the world to offer you the most elegant, unique, and fashionable jewelry in the Pittsburgh market and beyond. We also have a watch maker on-site! Our Watchmaker, Paul Capar, is certified by the Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance (SAWTA) offered at The Lititz Watch Technicum, where he graduated in 2017. Our Certified Watchmaker will assess and correct any issues to ensure your timepiece can stand the test of time.

Who is your ideal client?

We invite all clients who are seeking to invest in pieces that mean the world to them. Whether that is a ring to propose to their true love or a watch to celebrate a well-deserved promotion. Each and every one of our clients has a life worth celebrating to its fullest extent and jewelry is a wonderful way to carry that is special to them with them every day.

How can people learn more about your business?

Find us on social media and well as our website to keep up with the latest happenings! We can also be found on for those wedding planning!

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